HD Timelapse: Nighttime Around the World

We know, we know. Another time lapse. But this one, by HD Timelapse.net, is reminiscent of one of our all-time favorites, Le Flaneur.

Much like Le Flaneur, this time lapse video focuses on cities of the world at night.

The video scans over 14 cities around the world, from Stockholm to Boston, Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles.

The one downside of the video? The music sounds like it's right out of "Mission Impossible," making an otherwise calm film incredibly tense.

Nevertheless, it's an incredible look at cities of the world. Want more? Check out our own time lapse, Hong Kong on High.

WATCH below:

HD Time Lapse Footage Showreel 2011 - Night Rush Around the World 2 from HDtimelapse.net on Vimeo.

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