Grocery Shopping Music Videos: Let the Face-Off Begin

Grocery Store
Grocery Store

Food shopping on Saturday afternoon: It's survival of the fittest. First, the parking lot: near misses with stray carts, oblivious drivers backing it up and errant pedestrians walking in the road. It can send even the most Zen driver into fits of road rage. (And parking lots at Walmart have been the scene of many a crime.) Once inside the store, the Darwinian race continues as shoppers scramble to hunt and gather. Now, set this all to song.

Grocery store music videos on YouTube are the latest addition to the consumerism devotionals such as haul videos, extreme couponing clips and rollback raps at Walmart. It's no Biggie vs. Tupac rivalry, but this latest video to go viral -- about Whole Foods' parking lot -- demanded a replay of this 2009 Trader Joe's shopper-made ad. We've got them both below: Let the grocery face-off begin.