FarmVille Trading Post: Everything you need to know


Today, the FarmVille team has started a very slow rollout of the Trading Post to users. We gave you a sneak peek of this new feature a few days ago, but we now know exactly how it will work to help you earn bonuses (including crop mastery points) with friends.

First, when the Trading Post update hits your game, you'll be able to place the Trading Post first thing. It appears as though you don't have to build this Trading Post, as it comes fully constructed (as of this writing). You'll only have a single Trading Post to use for both farms, so make sure to place it on the farm you really want it on before clicking. If you want to switch farms, simply leave the placement mode and it will go into your Gift Box until you're ready.

Once placed, you'll be able to go inside your Trading Post to take a look at all of the crops that your friends have planted recently and place orders for them. That is, you won't be able to choose from every crop available in the game, but only those that are currently planted on friends' farms. In order to place an order, simply scroll through the list of available crops (as seen below) and click on "Post Order" to actually order them from a friend(s).

After you've placed an order, the fulfillment is actually up to your friend, but since they've already planted these crops, it's unlikely that they wouldn't pull through. When they harvest the crops that you ordered, your menu will update allowing you to "Claim" your order. Just click on the "Claim" button and you'll be granted coins and crop mastery points for the particular crop that you ordered. In this way, you'll be able to earn mastery points even without planting the crop yourself! This is especially perfect for crops with incredibly short or long growth times, as your friends have put forth the effort of planting them, and you get to claim a few mastery as if you had done so yourself.

For a few house rules, you can only take orders for crops once every 12 hours. If you want to allow your friends a chance for tons of different kinds of rewards, you can also only plant a single square of each crop to make it available. Finally, you can have more than one active order at a time, to really crank out the coins, experience point and mastery point rewards with your friends. To be especially clear, if you fulfill orders, you will earn everything you normally would for harvesting the crop, along with additional rewards, like experience points and coins, as your payment for completing your friends' orders.

Again, this feature is still on an incredibly slow rollout (and some users that have the Trading Post haven't even been able to use it yet), so keep checking your farm to see if/when the update comes your way. We'll make sure to update this space if additional information becomes available, but for right now, it all (thankfully) looks to be a fairly simple process; that is, it will be, once we're all allowed in.

[Image Credits: Official FarmVille Blog]

Do you have a Trading Post on your land yet? Have you been able to order crops from friends, or have friends ordered crops from you? Let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments.

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