FarmVille: Say yee-haw for Wild West items available for one day only

As part of the ongoing Birthday Classics series in FarmVille that has seen multiple themes re-released in the game's store each day this week, tonight's FarmVille update brings with it a return of the Wild West theme. This theme was originally launched in the game back in August and September of last year, so if you weren't playing the game back then you'll want to pay special attention here.

The full rundown of available Wild West items contains decorations, animals, and more, so make sure to browse the game's store for these items before they leave again in just 24 hours.


Mimosa Silk Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Ironwood Tree - 5 Farm Cash

Since both of these are the same price, we'll just come right out and tell you that the Mimosa Silk Tree is the level two tree here, meaning that you don't have to purchase it from the store and can instead earn one or more through Mystery Seedlings.


Palouse Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Buckskin Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Western Longhorn - 20 Farm Cash
Cottontail Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash
Horned Toad - 12 Farm Cash
Paint Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Mini Appaloosa - 26 Farm Cash
Armadillo - 14 Farm Cash


Wild West Home - 380,000 coins
Wild West Ranch - 36 Farm Cash
Wild West Hotel - 42 Farm Cash
Train Station - 42 Farm Cash
Tipi - 360,000 coins


Lake with Canoe - 30 Farm Cash
Cowboy Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Cactus Garden - 7 Farm Cash
Town Statue - 100,000 coins
Red Tailed Hawk (decorative animal) - 18 Farm Cash
Gold Panning - 20 Farm Cash
Wild West Stream - 22 Farm Cash
Wagon Bench - 80,000 coins
Train Caboose - 50,000 coins
Red Passenger Car - 100,000 coins
Train Engine - 22 Farm Cash
Corral Gate - 10,000 coins
Sagebrush - 1,000 coins
Corral Fence - 5,000 coins
Organ Pipe Cactus - 10,000 coins
Town Sign - 50,000 coins

As with the other themes re-released this week, there's enough new items here to really drain your bank account, even if you haven't already been spending tons of coins and cash from items released over the last few days. If you shop smart, and shop fast, though, I'm sure you'll be able to outfit your farm with plenty of fun goodies before these items disappear again.

What do you think of these Wild West items? Did you miss out on any when they were first released, or would you have preferred to see another theme re-released instead? Let us know in the comments.