FarmVille Birthday Mystery Box comes to life with sheep as prizes


While FarmVille may have tons of adorable, collectible animals, I have to say I'm probably the biggest fan of the Sheep, with all of their variety and wild colors we've seen released in the past. Imagine my excitement then when discovering that tonight's Birthday Mystery Box released in the game contains a set of limited edition Sheep!

This Mystery Box, like the others released this week, will only be available in the game for a single day, and you'll need to pay 20 Farm Cash to add a random Sheep from the box to your land. Here's what you can hope to find inside:

Lantern Sheep
Orange Ewe
Pastel Purple Ewe
Valentine Sheep
Welsh Mountain Sheep
Yellow Ewe

Remember, unfortunately this Birthday Mystery Box doesn't count as a Mystery Game, so you won't be able to use any saved darts to play - you will actually have to pay the 20 Farm Cash. Still, if you want to add a new color to your Sheep Breeding possibilities, or just want to add a new member to your farm family, do so fast before this box expires, taking the Sheep along with it!

Will you purchase a Sheep-filled Birthday Mystery Box, or will you save your Farm Cash for this weekend's Mystery Game? Let us know in the comments.