Earn 2 free Farm Cash in Real California Milk summer promotion


Early in May, Zynga launched a new cross-promotional activity with Real California Milk, offering two free Farm Cash to FarmVille players. Now, just over a month later, a second Real California Milk promotion has launched, this time dealing with our favorite summer activity.

To start this activity, you'll need to find it underneath your gameplay area in the sponsored link pictured at right. From there, you'll be able to answer the simple question: "What's your favorite family summer activity?" You'll actually need to type something into the box, but your answer can be anything. As soon as you do, the exciting "You've earned your Farm Cash" text appears in the top right corner of the window, and you can close your window. Your game should automatically refresh to show you your two free Farm Cash, but if not, simply refresh the game manually and it should make things right.

What will you do with your two free Farm Cash? Are you saving Farm Cash for something special, or will you spend spend spend?! Let us know in the comments.