Cafe World Grill Power Goals: Everything you need to know


To go along with the launch of the BBQ Grill in Cafe World comes a set of six Grill Power goals. These goals will see you given a series of decorations and dishes that can be cooked on the BBQ Grill, so let's get started. The first goal starts off complicated, already asking you to retrieve some items from friends:

Place the BBQ Grill to begin unlocking burners
Serve Pita and Dolmas
Ask for 3 Ears of Corn

Pita and Dolmas take four hours to cook, but remember, you can also serve servings out of your inventory for this to count as progress as well. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive an Elvis Pig decoration.

For the second of six goals, you'll need to serve more dishes and ask for more items. This is how the rest of the goal series will look, so get used to hitting that "ask" button.

Serve 20 Clubhouse Sandwich
Ask for 5 Bags of Charcoal
Have 8 Grill Racks

The Grill Racks are required for the actual construction of the BBQ Grill, so you can ask for them inside the Grill's base while you're building it. Meanwhile, the Clubhouse Sandwiches can be served after cooking for 18 hours. Finishing this goal gives you the Skillet Corn Bread recipe.

Part III of VI:

Serve Skillet Corn Bread 30 Times
Ask for 7 Cups of Cornmeal Batter
Ask for 7 Ears of Corn

As usual, just ask your friends for these items and you'll eventually finish with a little patience and perseverance. There's no special recipe as a reward this time, though, unfortunately.

Part IV of VI:

Serve Spicy Devil Eggs 30 Times
Ask for 8 Bags of Bread Crumbs
Have 6 Steel Plates

As with before, these Steel Plates are part of the BBQ Grill's construction, so you'll likely already have all that you need by the time you reach this goal. Meanwhile, the Spicy Devil Eggs can be served after cooking for 18 hours. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the BBQ Corn recipe.

Part V of VI:

Serve BBQ Corn 40 Times
Ask for 8 Bags of Beans
Ask for 8 Cups of Chopped Onions

Unfortunately, you might get stuck on this one, as you'll need a whopping 16 items to move on. You know, I could have sworn that we as users were getting tired of sending out mass requests to friends every single day, and that we've told Zynga as much, but they clearly aren't listening. Either way, once you finish these tasks, you can move on to the finale of this series.

Part VI of VI:

Reach Level 2 Mastery of Skillet Corn Bread
Ask for 12 Tanks of Gas
Finish Building BBQ Grill

Likely, you will have already finished building the BBQ Grill by this point, so at least that's a forgettable task, bringing us down to two. Just keep cooking the Skillet Corn Bread, along with the continued spamm-- err, requests to friends and you'll eventually finish this one off. You'll be rewarded with the Four Bean Chili recipe for your efforts.

We'll make sure to let you know if more Grill Power recipes are released in the future (it wouldn't be surprising), so keep checking back.

In the meantime, though, we'd love to know what you think of these Grill Power goals. Are you excited about having a new piece of cooking equipment in your cafe, or are you tired of the endless series of building and item requests? Let us know in the comments.