Cafe World BBQ Grill: Everything you need to know


It seems as though Zynga has really taken a liking to this not-so-user-friendly method of cooking in Cafe World, where you'll need to ask friends to become assistants at your cooking stations in order to master dishes faster. Sure, we can ignore asking friends and master dishes slowly, but I almost feel compelled to ask my friends to help me just so I can move one to items number 2, 3, and 110 on my to-do list. Alas, such is the case with the newest piece of cooking equipment: the BBQ Grill.

This BBQ Grill takes up the space of one of your stoves in your Cafe, so you'll want to get rid of any extra large cooking projects before you place its base to avoid losing the productivity for too long. Once you place it, you'll learn that you'll be able to cook a new series of dishes on top of the Grill, and that it doesn't require cleaning. You can either cook dishes normally, allowing yourself to master them one serving at a time, or you can add friends as assistants to the station to increase your mastery faster. Additionally, when you prepare something on the Grill, your friends will be able to suggest a "sauce" for you to choose. You'll then be able to choose the winning sauce which is paired along with your dish.

But of course, you can't get down to the nitty-gritty of cooking without first constructing the BBQ Grill, so you'll need to collect four different items: 8 Grill Racks, 8 Steel Plates, 10 Kiss the Cook Aprons, and 8 Cooling Racks. The Grill Racks and Aprons are earned through individual requests to friends, while the Steel Plates and Cooking Racks are earned via general news posts asking all friends to help you at once.

To go along with this BBQ are six new goals, and we'll make sure to bring you a guide of those goals just as soon as we can, so keep checking back. and you can check out our complete guide to completing them right here.

What do you think of this BBQ Grill? Would you prefer simply collecting ingredients to build it, without having to ask your friends for help afterwards, or do you like the idea of friends picking out sauces for your dishes? Let us know in the comments.