Your Facebook Status: Foreclosed

facebook foreclosed
facebook foreclosed

Foreclosure via Facebook? With roughly 4 million foreclosures in the pipeline in this country, some legal experts say it's just a matter of time until lenders win the right to serve foreclosure documents through the giant social network.

That day has already come for one couple in Australia. When they defaulted on a six-figure loan and couldn't be found via a physical address or email, the lender's enterprising lawyers located them on Facebook. The lawyers were able to verify the couple's identities by matching up their names and birthdates -- and, of course, the fact that they had "friended" each other.

Australian courts upheld the lender's right to send foreclose notices via Facebook, citing the fact that the couple didn't enable privacy protections on their Facebook accounts and were frequent enough visitors to the site that they would "reasonably receive notice as a result."