Weiner Gets Job Offer -- From Original Hustler

job interview Faster than you can say "Eliot Spitzer," disgraced New York politician Anthony Weiner has received what appears to be a legitimate job offer, from Hustler media giant Larry Flynt himself.

Whether or not it's a symbolic gesture or a publicity stunt, it appears to be the real deal. Flynt published his offer on a Huffington Post blog bearing his photo, and writes, "This offer is not made in jest." Flynt Management Group, LLC is offering Weiner 20 percent more than his former Congressional salary, medical benefits equal to what he was receiving from Washington, and all moving expenses required to relocate him to Flynt corporate offices in Beverly Hills.

We assume they also would be willing to cover the cost of a membership at one of L.A.'s finest fitness clubs -- they're considerably more expensive than the fees at his former, government-run gym.

What kind of work would Weiner be doing? It's not exactly clear in the offer, but Flynt states that he'd like him to be involved in the company's Internet group. Social networking, perhaps? He's already displayed an affinity for Twitter. Flynt cited additional qualifications: "As a congressman, you are known for your intensity and perseverance. I believe that this attitude, combined with your service in the House of Representatives' Committee on Energy and Commerce, will make you a valuable asset to this corporation," he writes.

And it appears that Weiner's unfortunate foibles of late are a plus in Flynt's book. He writes, "While this employment opportunity is being offered in large part due to your qualifications and clear passion for making a change, I feel that your unfortunate resignation is a prime example of unfounded political pressure and the hypocrisy that has invaded democracy in Washington D.C."

Should he? Would he? Could he? Do you believe Wiener should seriously consider the position, and perhaps even move to the West Coast and take it? Will his wife, who works for Hilary Clinton in Washington, let him go? Do you believe any other (better) offers might come his way? Or do you believe that he should stay on the East Coast among his loyal constituency and attempt to make an eventual comeback? In essence, is this Weiner roasted?

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