Nintendo's 'not interested' in Facebook games, but Wii U will go social

Wii U goes social
Wii U goes social

If you're a bit confused, let us clarify: Nintendo will not make Facebook or mobile games until Pikachu's fly. But, according to Joystiq, the company is very much interested in social media when it comes to console experiences, specifically the Wii U. When asked during a Q&A about the upcoming console's online experience, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted, "We are no longer in a period where we cannot have any connection at all with social networking sites."

Of course, in true Nintendo fashion, no concrete details were given. Though, Iwata went on to say, "We're looking at ways that will convey to this audience which games are fun and, ideally, in a way that will enable people who are playing those games with others, to share that information socially."

So, the company still isn't keen on making its games free, but Nintendo does at least recognize that the social features that Facebook games provide are valuable. However, we're still waiting to see exactly what Iwata means by "sharing information socially," and how that will fit into the console's online infrastructure (which we also know little to nothing about).

[Source: Nintendo]

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