FrontierVille Pioneer Camp Goals: Everything you need to know


While you're busy building your Pioneer Camp to house some weary travelers in FrontierVille, don't forget that this feature has actually opened up a series of six new goals for you to complete. These goals see you helping up to five different travelers, with each traveler giving you a special, rare item for helping them, along with unlocking part of the in-game story concerning the upcoming Pioneer Trail expansion, which will launch soon.

Let's start with the very first goal, called "Make Camp:"

Finish Building the Pioneer Camp
Tend 40 Cows on your Homestead
Clobber 5 Groundhogs

To see a complete look to building the Pioneer Camp, check out our guide. Your rewards for finishing this first goal are 500 XP, Flint and a Blue Tent. This Flint, along with the first reward of all of the remaining goals, goes to the Pioneer Campsite Collection, which offers you a Sleeping Bag for Two for finishing it (check out our guide for all of the info).

The next of the six goals introduces us to the Carpenter, and is called "A Handy Dandy."

Chop Oak Trees 100 Times on your Homestead or a Neighbors'
Collect Two Pine Cones
Collect 10 Trail Canteens

Pine Cones are a collection item, while you'll need to ask your friends for the Canteens. For helping out the Carpenter, you'll not only unlock his portion of the story, but you'll also receive 1,000 coins, a Nature Journal and a Girly Tent.

Next, we move onto helping the Hunter in a goal called "Mountain Goat Jerky."

Collect one Chicken Drumstick
Collect 100 Food
Collect 8 Preserving Salts

The Preserving Salts are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. Finishing this goal gives you 1,000 XP, a Roasted Mallow and a Pioneer Stew pot.

After this, the Doctor appears and asks for our help in "Pioneer's Scourge."

Clear 50 Grass on your Homestead or a Neighbor's Homestead
Harvest Ten Wildflowers on your Homestead
Collect Eight Stinky Herbs

As you might have guessed, the Stinky Herbs are earned by asking your friends to send them to you. If you don't have enough clear space on your land to grow Wildflowers, remember that turning in the Manure Collection gives you a free Wildflowers that can be placed out of your inventory and onto your land. Finishing this goal for the Doctor rewards you with 2,000 coins, a Skeeter Ointment and a Polka Dot Tent.

Moving on, we're introduced to the Soldier, who needs help fixing his gun in "Mathilda the Rifle."

Collect 5 Saltpeter
Collect 10 Iron Ore
Collect 10 Rounds

You very well might have the Saltpeter (from the Manure Collection) and the Iron Ore (from digging up Rocks) already, leaving you to just ask your friends for the Rounds. Either way, finishing this goal gives you 1,500 XP, another Roasted Mallow and a Camo Tent.

Finally, our last goal sees us helping out a Trader and is called "Pioneer Goods."

Craft Two Cribs
Collect One Brake Lever
Collect Eight Shipping Manifests

Cribs are crafted in the Barn, while you'll need to ask your friends for the Shipping Manifests. The Brake Lever is part of the Wagon Collection, so if you don't have it already, start collecting the Daily Bonus on your Covered Wagons to hopefully find one rather quickly. For finishing this final goal, you'll be given 2,000XP, a Mess Kit and a Horsestream Trailer, as seen below.

Remember, you must complete the goal for each traveler before the Pioneer Trail expansion itself can launch in the game, or else they'll expire and will be unavailable to you from that point forward. While it's possible Zynga may give us an extension on time, these goals aren't too terribly difficult, and with a little help from friends you shouldn't have any problems finishing them in time.

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What do you think of these Pioneer Camp goals? Are they too difficult to be given a time limit, or would you prefer goals that offered even more of a challenge? Let us know in the comments.