FrontierVille Pioneer Camp: Everything you need to know


It looks like some travelers will be stopping by our Homesteads in FrontierVille, as Zynga has slowly started rolling out the Pioneer Camp to players this afternoon. This Pioneer Camp is a prelude to the upcoming Pioneer Trail expansion, and it introduces a new series of seemingly temporary characters to the game. The Camp itself is a building you must construct, and after, you'll be able to gather around the campfire with these weary travelers, learning stories about what to expect when the Pioneer Trail launches (but only if you help them out in some way first).

You'll know that this feature has rolled out to you when you see the window above, asking you to place the Pioneer Camp on your land. From there, you'll need to collect a series of parts to complete the Camp's construction, just as with other buildings. You'll need six each of Guylines, Kindling, and Tent Flies (all of which are earned through individual friend requests), along with five each of Tent Stakes, Weenie Roasts and Scary Camp Stories. These three items are earned via general wall posts that ask all of your friends to help you at once.

Once you complete the Campsite, you'll have access to helping up to five different travelers. As soon as you finish with one, you'll unlock the next story and the next traveler. Each traveler also brings with them a rare item, so you have extra incentive to finish helping all of these storytellers before the Pioneer Trail expansion launches, which will end this Pioneer Camp event, whether you've finished it or not.

Helping these travelers is accomplished through a series of six new goals, and we'll have a guide of those goals for you as soon as we can, so keep checking back. In the meantime, keep refreshing your game to see if this exciting new feature has rolled around to you! and you can find our complete guide to helping each of these travelers (the Doctor, Hunter, Carpenter, Trader, etc.) right here.

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What do you think of the Pioneer Camp? Are you ready to listen to stories from the Pioneer Trail, or would you rather the expansion simply open now instead of making us wait at the expense of the story? Let us know in the comments.