Lessons from Super-Rich Dads: What Buffett, Trump, Lynch and Schwab Taught Their Kids

Father's Day
Father's Day

Parents can only hope that the values and wisdom they've tried to bestow on their children have made it past their offspring's ears -- which can be prone to selective hearing -- and into the gray matter mass between them. In that respect, we have some good news for investment gurus Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, as well as industry tycoons Donald Trump and Charles Schwab: Their kids were listening -- at least, a good chunk of the time.

In this Father's Day special report, the adult children of these Wall Street icons chatted with DailyFinance about the lessons they learned from their dads.

Among the common themes to emerge from these interviews were that investing philosophies can be applied to how you live your life, as Peter Lynch's middle daughter has learned, and that the values you hold fast to in your personal life can make good business sense too, an idea we heard from Charles Schwab's eldest daughter.

Another common theme -- the idea that listening is a two-way street. Take Warren Buffett, for example, who regularly queried his children at the dinner table about the products and services they used, mining their preferences for insight about potential investments. Then there's Donald Trump, who learned from his social-media-savvy kids about something called the Internet.

Come take a stroll down Memory Lane with these now-grown children, share in their family photo galleries, and learn what some of America's most successful dads have passed down to the next generation:

  • Eric Trump, youngest son of Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana Trump