FarmVille: Second free Birthday Gift offers Birthday Ewe, fireworks and more


While we previously saw a one-day-only Birthday Gift available on the FarmVille free gifts page to celebrate the game's second birthday, that box has been replaced with a second Birthday Gift - a seemingly more permanent one at that. While there's no reason to expect that this gift will be available after the birthday celebration is over, it doesn't currently have a time limit, so you can stock up on as many as you wish.

Unfortunately, all of this extra time won't let you earn more than the standard four items possibly found inside each gift, but at least you'll have time to open enough gifts that you'll likely receive at least one of each. Here's what to expect:

Durian Tree
Birthday Ewe
B-Day Fireworks

While the Birthday Ewe is an actual, functional animal, the B-Day Fireworks are unfortunately a one-time-use item that will vanish from your farm after displaying a show of brightly colored shimmers and stars in your farm's sky. Still, Fireworks normally cost Farm Cash in the game, so I'm definitely happy to see a free option that I won't feel so bad about actually launching. Make sure to send these Birthday Gifts while we know they're still available - you won't want to miss out on these special items!

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Which of these four prizes is your favorite? Will you use the B-Day Fireworks, or will you save them and make a larger show by launching multiples at once? Let us know in the comments.