FarmVille German items return for one day only as Birthday Classics


Tonight's Birthday Classics release in FarmVille takes us back to the German limited edition item theme that was originally seen back in September and October of last year. I hope you've been saving some Farm Cash and coins for these items, as there are tons of items to choose from, ranging from animals and buildings to a whole slew of decorations.

As with other returning themes this week, these German items will only be available for a single day, so shop fast! Let's take a look at what's available.


Hanoverian Horse - 26 Farm Cash (a brand new item for this theme)
Faverolles Chicken - 20 Farm Cash
Black Pied Pig - 18 Farm Cash
Lynx - 18 Farm Cash
Chamois - 14 Farm Cash
Gelbvieh Cow - 22 Farm Cash
Reitpony - 24 Farm Cash


German Castle - 50 Farm Cash
Flower Cafe - 34 Farm Cash
German Home - 36 Farm Cash
Clock Tower - 280,000 coins
Mountain Tavern - 34 Farm Cash


Castle Fence - 5,000 coins
Animal Statue - 80,000 coins
Giant Moss Rock - 50,000 coins
Barrel Tub - 120,000 coins
Ruins - 200,000 coins
Monopteros - 30 Farm Cash
Flower Bed - 3,000 coins
Swan Lake - 30 Farm Cash
Flower Knoll - 4 Farm Cash
Festival Carriage - 22 Farm Cash
German Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Festival Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Forest Waterfall - 34 Farm Cash
Black Forest - 22 Farm Cash
House Bridge - 32 Farm Cash
Majestic Fountain - 22 Farm Cash
Falcon - 18 Farm Cash

See? Didn't I tell you there were tons of items re-released this evening (and you didn't believe me)? These items could break the proverbial bank, and the literal one too, if you go out of your way to buy all of these Farm Cash items, so make sure to hit the "preview" button beneath all that you can to make sure you really want them before splurging. Just do it fast - a day goes by quicker than you think, and then these items will be gone again, perhaps forever!

Will you go on a shopping spree for German themed items in FarmVille? Which theme do you hope Zynga re-releases tomorrow night? Let us know in the comments.