FarmVille English Countryside Storage Transfer Goals: Everything you need to know

FarmVille Storage Transfer
The time has finally come to bring FarmVille's English Countryside Goals to a close--and to get that nifty Storage Transfer. The final Goals have arrived, and while they don't have an overarching title, we went with "Storage Transfer" because that's ultimately what we're all here for. It's a series of five Goals that task you with preparing several items for the Duke before you leave forever (just kidding). At any rate, it's a long road to Storage Transfer, so use this handy guide to prepare yourself for what's to come.
Cream of the Crop
1. Cream of the Crop

  • Harvest one Dairy Farm
  • Harvest 100 Red Currants
  • Get 6 Ice Cream Cones

Cream of the Crop rewards
To harvest 100 Red Currants, it will take you at least four hours and cost you 4,000 Coins. The six Ice Cream Cones are to be requested from friends, and that can be done from inside the Goal window. Finishing these simple tasks will reward you with 1,000 Coins, 100 XP and Garden Urn.

Perfect Preparations
2. Perfect Preparations
  • Harvest 100 Bluebells
  • Get 3 Glasses of Grape Juice
  • Make 6 Barley Crumpet recipes

Perfect Preparations rewards
The 100 Bluebells will cost you a total of 12,000 Coins and take at least 12 hours if you plant them all at once. The three Glasses of Grape Juice are sourced from friends, which you can do from within the Goal window. To make six Barley Crumpet recipes you will need a total of 12 Barley Bushels, 12 English Peas Bushels and three English Rose Bushels. Each time you create it will take six hours, and you must be Level 20 to do so. Complete this Goal for 100 XP, 1,000 Coins and four Country Flowerbeds.

Parting Gifts
3. Parting Gifts
  • Get 6 Presents
  • Place 3 Lambs
  • Harvest 100 Field Beans

Parting Gifts rewards
Like those before it, the six Presents are requested by friends through the Goal menu. Placing three Lambs will take some breeding in the Sheep Pen, which could anywhere from mere seconds to 24 hours depending on how many Love Potions you provide. The 100 Field Beans cost 8,000 Coins and will take at least 16 hours to harvest. Finish this Goal, and 250 XP, 1 Lord Outfit, 1 Lady Outfit and 2,500 coins are yours.

Once Around the Farm
4. Once Around the Farm
  • Get 6 Airship Patches
  • Harvest 100 Black Tea
  • Make 3 Rosehip Tea recipes

Once Around the Farm rewards
We're sensing a pattern here. The six Airship Patches come from requesting friends for help through the Goal menu. The 100 Black Tea crops will cost you 5,000 Coins and take at least eight hours to harvest. All the while, you will need 12 Black Tea Bushels and 12 English Rose Bushels to create the Rosehip Tea, which take six hours to craft. The rewards for finishing this Goal include 250 XP, 6 Country Flowerbeds and 2,500 coins.

A Great Start
5. A Great Start
  • Get 6 Donation Cheques
  • Harvest 200 Cara Potatoes
  • Get 15 Bushels from Friends

A Great Start rewards
Of course, the six Donation Cheques are found through friends in the Goal menu. To harvest the 200 Cara Potatoes, you'll need a whopping 50,000 Coins and at least two days to grow them all. It might be worth your time (and money) to spend the Farm Cash on an Instant Grow for this Goal. To get the 15 Bushels from friends, just visit their Farmer's Market Stalls and buy them. Finishing this monolithic Goal will finally reward you with the completed English Countryside Map and Storage Transfer. You'll also nab 500 XP, an English Castle and 2,500 coins, but ... Storage Transfer!

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Feed]

Have you started the final English Countryside storyline Goals yet? What tips might you have for completing them even more quickly? Share with us in the comments. Add Comment.
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