How about a Zynga Pirates game? Zynga survey teases game ideas

Survey Says
Survey Says

Or, better yet, what do you think of a Robin Hood social game by Zynga? Those are some of the possibilities for future Facebook or mobile games that Zynga teased in one of its infamous surveys. It appears that the company is toying around with several potential game ideas in house, and wants you to help decide what becomes the next big thing since, well, Empires & Allies, really.

The game ideas span Hollywood acting and production to acting as a music mogul. But our favorite from the list is absolutely the idea for a pirates game in which players sail the high seas in search of treasure and--gasp!--romance aboard a massive ship. Besides, it would fit Zynga's modus operandi to enter the pirate games sub genre with Mighty Pirates and others sailing about.

However, the idea of becoming the world's most famous detective on Facebook sounds exciting, and relatively original. OK, so there is To Catch A Killer, but we really just want to be the next Elliott Stabler on Facebook. If you want to have a hand in Zynga's next potential game, check out the survey right here.

Are you a fan of taking Zynga's surveys? What would you like to see come to fruition the most from this list of game ideas? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.