Crowdstar launches first-ever social mobile game, Top Girl

crowdstar top girl iphone, ipad, ipod touch
crowdstar top girl iphone, ipad, ipod touch

Facebook game maker Crowdstar launches its first mobile social game -- Top Girl -- which is based on its hit fashion-centric game It Girl on Facebook.

While Top Girl is a separate game from It Girl -- the two games are largely identical. Start the game by custom-creating an avatar and then take them shopping, dress them and then help them climb a virtual social ladder by taking on modeling jobs and hitting up popular nightspots. There's also a dating feature which require you to flirt and snag a boyfriend who will shower your avatar with gifts.

The biggest difference between the two games is that Top Girl does not directly tie-in to Facebook or Facebook Connect, and instead uses mobile social network OpenFeint. It's a bold move, considering that OpenFeint doesn't have as many users as Facebook, but Crowdstar Mobile Studio Head Blair Hamilton says they made that decision, "because we expect a different set of users to play this game."

Hamilton says, "While resource management games appear to be succeeding in mobile social gaming, we felt that a role-playing game- especially for females- would establish a new category and opportunity for CrowdStar."

Even though It Girl (and, now, Top Girl) has intellectual parity with a TV show like 'Keeping up with the Kardashians,' this type of shopping/fashion game has proven to be popular with the social gaming set. Guess everyone needs a junk food fix, whether it's keeping up with pseudo-celebs in tabloid-style TV or the newest social game.

Top Girl is currently available in the AppStore and will "initially" be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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