NYC Calls Goose Busters to Save Airplanes

In order to ensure the birds will no longer interfere with air traffic, the city of New York is rounding up many of Prospect Park's Canadian Geese and shipping them to Pennsylvania, where they will be slaughtered and handed out as food to the needy.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the city has also hired the Virginia-based Goose Busters to patrol Prospect Park and keep the birds still there under wraps prompting some Brooklyn's activist types have to take to the streets singing "Give Geese a Chance."

That last sentence was totally factual.

The city of New York started killing the birds in 2009 after U.S. Airways' "Miracle on the Hudson" flight struck several geese and expanded in 2010.

Last year a bit of a scandal erupted when a pile of dead geese collected from Brooklyn's Prospect Park was dumped into a landfill. So this year the birds, which taste great, will be parceled out to food banks in Pennsylvania. A spokesman for New York's agriculture department was quick to point out that next year the geese will be given to food banks in New York.

A group named GooseWatch has also begun holding all night vigils outside the Park for the birds, which are so overpopulated in the New York area that in 2004 the Congress allotted $200,000 in funding to kill them and make sure that their droppings stopped posing an environmental risk to water sources.

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