Drunk Delta Passenger Kimberly Goodwine Serves Light Punishment

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Kimberly Goodwine, the Georgia woman who was arrested last year for unruly in-flight behavior, was released from jail on Wednesday after only an 80-day sentence.

Goodwine was arrested in April 2010 at LaGuardia Airport for her drunken antics onboard a Delta flight from Atlanta.

According to the New York Daily News, she was reportedly "heavily intoxicated" when boarding and fell asleep in a seat that had been reserved by a pregnant woman. When a flight attendant asked Goodwine to move to her own seat, she responded by hurling racial slurs and obscenities at the pregnant woman, making her cry.

She then allegedly kicked and pushed an FBI agent who tried to handcuff her, before biting him.

Now, Goodwine is out after just 80 days in jail, very shy of the 21 months prosecutors said she deserved, reports the Daily News.

Since she has already been in jail since March for missing drug-testing appointments, she was able to walk free after her sentencing Wednesday.

"For 11 months I have not touched drugs or alcohol. I am so ready to put this behind me," she told the judge.

The judge warned Goodwine that this would be her last chance to get "her life right."

Drunk passengers do seem to be causing a ruckus these days. In May, a drunk British Airways passenger groped a flight attendant. Just before that, an Air France passenger under the influence insisted his name was Bin Laden. And, in April, an unruly passenger forced an American Airlines flight to make an emergency landing.

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