FarmVille Summer items return for one day only as Birthday Classics


Continuing in this week's second birthday celebration in FarmVille, we see Zynga re-releasing a series of Summer-themed items to the game's store. These summer-themed items were originally released in August of 2010, but for one day only, you can pick them up from the game's store. With this theme, we also see the launch of two new trees in the Summer theme, but beware - these new trees share the same one-day only time limit.

Here's a list of the Summer classics that have returned for FarmVille's birthday celebration:


Balloon Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Giant Balloon Tree - 10 Farm Cash

The Giant Balloon Tree can also be earned via Mystery Seedlings when placing a Balloon Tree in an Orchard, or claiming them from friends' wall posts.


Flamingo - 16 Farm Cash


Beach Game Stand - 24 Farm Cash
Ice Cream Shop - 220,000 coins
Lemonade Stand - 140,000 coins
Roadside Diner - 42 Farm Cash
Backyard Fort - 30 Farm Cash


Beach Volleyball - 30 Farm Cash
Boardwalk - 20,000 coins
Bouncing Castle - 32 Farm Cash
Fireflies - 4 Farm Cash
Mt. Waterfall - 30 Farm Cash
Octopus Pool - 80,000 coins
Roadside Statue - 80,000 coins
Sandcastle - 50,000 coins
Summer Campsite - 50,000 coins
Surfer Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Toucan - 16 Farm Cash

As you can see, there are plenty of items to choose from here, with more than enough Farm Cash items to wipe out any stockpile you might have been holding onto. While these items are great and all, just remember that we expect another limited edition theme to reappear in the store tomorrow evening, so make sure to hold onto some coins and Farm Cash for that returning theme as well.

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Will you go on a shopping spree for Summer-themed items for your farm(s)? Which theme do you hope the FarmVille team brings back tomorrow? Let us know in the comments.