FarmVille Mystery Box takes to the waves with summer items

Today's one-day-only Mystery Box in FarmVille sees a set of water and summer-themed items being released, with the price tag actually being fairly low, all things considered. Tonight's box costs 16 Farm Cash, but remember, you won't know which item you'll receive inside until you've already made the purchase.

Here's what you have a chance of receiving:

Backyard Pool
Froggy Pond
Koi Pond
Mirror Lake
Rainbow Bridge
Wildflower Falls

While all of these items are quite lovely, I have to say I'd be disappointed if I didn't receive either the Rainbow Bridge or Wildflower Falls. But alas, that's the point of a Mystery Game: to take a chance and hope for the best, without having a guarantee. Will you join me in taking this risk?

Which of these water-themed items would you most like to win from today's Mystery Box? Which one did you already receive? Let us know in the comments.
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