FarmVille web is coming to iPhone? Maybe, thanks to Facebook's 'Project Spartan'

Facebook Project Spartan
Facebook Project Spartan

Will we soon be able to play stock FarmVille on iOS devices? Let's not get ahead of ourselves, but Zynga is involved in a project that could take Facebook for iOS from the App Store to its Safari mobile web browser. It's called "Project Spartan," and it's Facebook's HTML5-based answer to avoiding Apple's control over app distribution through its App Store. Zynga is reported by TechCrunch to have joined 80-or-so other developers on the massive project that will essentially bring all of Facebook and its Flash-based apps into HTML5, and thus mobile--and that includes games.

So, if Zynga is reportedly working on games to work directly within Facebook (most likely its existing games--just in a different code base), what does this mean for not only its existing games in the App Store, but those that are likely on the way? Will Zynga have any reason to support those games if its web-based games like CityVille and FarmVille, which bring in a major chunk of its 264 million players, will be right in Safari?

Facebook still has plenty of work to do when it comes to monetization, which by July 1 will likely be solidified when Facebook Credits becomes the currency of choice, or lack thereof, for developers and us gamers alike. Oh, and did we mention that Android will be included in this as well, as TechCrunch reports? With 'Project Spartan,' the future of Zynga's mobile games is uncertain, but either way the results will certainly be interesting. We've contact Zynga for comment, so stay tuned.

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