FarmVille: Father's Day weekend means 100% pattern success when breeding Pigs and Sheep


Here's something that FarmVille Pig and Sheep Breeders are sure to love (heck, I'm not even a major animal breeder in the game and I'm still excited about the possibilities). To celebrate this weekend's Father's Day holiday, Zynga will increase the percentage of success in passing on patterns from Rams and Boars in Sheep and Pig Breeding, respectively, to 100%!

That's right - for this weekend only, it's time to break out those Love Potions and collect all of the Bottles you can, as you'll be able to breed like mad, resting assured that your patterns will be passed on from father to child. It doesn't appear that this feature has been enhanced just yet, so save your Bottles and Love Potions until tomorrow, as FarmVille Freak says it should be activated for everyone at that time.

Even if your father doesn't play FarmVille, just think of the possibilities that this presents! Thanks Zynga!

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

Will you take advantage of 100% pattern inheritance by breeding tons of Lambs and Piglets? Which patterns are you hoping to breed multiple children with this weekend? Let us know in the comments.