FarmVille: Double Mastery on now through Friday

A very short (but very cool) event is currently taking place in FarmVille, as Double Mastery has been turned on to last from now until tomorrow evening (9:00 PM PDT, to be specific). Remember, Double Mastery works to offer you twice the amount of mastery points for all trees and crops harvested during the promotional period.

So, let's say you harvest 100 Strawberries: Instead of receiving 100 mastery points, you'd receive 200. But wait! If you add a Strawberry bushel to the mix (in our example), you would earn three times the mastery, taking your 100 harvests to a whopping 300 points! If you plan your planting and harvesting correctly over the next 24 hours or so, you can probably master a good portion of one short-growth-time crop, if not master one completely. Just make sure to plant something that doesn't take so long to grow that you're harvesting it after the double mastery has expired!

Are you excited to see Double Mastery return to FarmVille? Which crop or tree will you work on mastering during this time frame? Let us know in the comments.