FarmVille: Celebrate dad with new Father's Day items in the market


This weekend marks the Father's Day holiday, and to celebrate fathers virtually, Zynga has released a limited edition Father's Day item theme to the FarmVille marketplace. This theme comes complete with themed trees, animals and more, so let's take a look at what's available!


Father Tree - 5 Farm Cash
Giant Father Tree - 10 Farm Cash

These trees grow ties! How cute is that?! As you might expect, the Giant Father Tree will also be available via Mystery Seedlings, so feel free to save those 10 Farm Cash for something else. These two trees can be mastered, with the first star of each being available after 75 harvests.


Emporer Penguins - 16 Farm Cash
Leopard Boar - 25 Farm Cash
Leopard Ram - 30 Farm Cash

Both the Ram and Boar can pass on these patterns to offspring, hence their high price tags.


Father Gnome - 15 Farm Cash
Rooster with Chicks - 12 Farm Cash
Father's Day Sign - 20,000 coins

Oddly enough, there's only one item here for coins (the Father's Day sign), but I suppose that allows you the chance to send any of these items to your father in the game, should he also play FarmVille. If he doesn't, at least you can always celebrate dad in your own way on your farm! Either way, these items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, but again, as they are related to a holiday, it might be best to shop now, rather than later, while the items are still relevant.

Will you decorate your farm to celebrate dads everywhere this weekend? What do you think of this clever "tie-growing" Father Tree? Let us know in the comments.