EA gets ghastly with Ghost Harvest on iPhone and iPad

EA gets ghastly with Ghost Harvest on iPhone and iPad
Ghost Harvest 1
Ghost Harvest 2

And no, we don't mean that literally (we're not that quick to pass judgment, folks). EA, through developer 8lb Gorilla, has just released Ghost Harvest to iPhone and iPad. The game is a free download in which you'll assume the role of a ghost farmer of sorts. OK, you're the curator of a cemetery, but what the game amounts to sounds a lot like ghost farming. As curator, you must grow and cultivate a community of spirits to sell them for Karma and profit.

But the locals just think you're one of those satanists or something, and will do whatever it takes to thwart your presumed worship of the dead. You'll fight them back in a tower defense-type mini game as you farm more ghosts and spruce up your cemetery. (Again, with the farming.) At any rate, you must level up and create more effective defenses against increasingly clever intruders. There aren't many social features to speak of (yet), but check out the budding Ghost Harvest community right here, and give the game a shot. What can you lose when the game's free?

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Are you psyched by another mobile game to come from EA? How do you think Ghost Harvest will stack up to Zynga games like Hanging with Friends and CityVille Hometown? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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