US Airways Employee Arrested After Stowing Away on Flight

US Airways Employee Arrested After Stowing Away on Flight

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A US Airways mechanic was arrested in Pittsburgh on Tuesday after stowing away on a flight from Florida to North Carolina.

The man, in his 40s, whose name was not released, snuck aboard a flight from Tampa to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. He hid himself in a mechanical area of the plane, reports The Charlotte Observer.

The Transportation Security Administration is reportedly investigating whether the employee improperly used his airport credentials to get on the flight in Charlotte where police say he was spotted leaving the cargo area, according to the Associated Press.

From Charlotte, he flew to Pittsburgh as a ticketed passenger. He was met there by police – as requested by US Airways – due to his behavior at the gate.

He wasn't arrested, but rather taken to a local hospital for a mental health evaluation, Lt. Richard Mullen of the Allegheny County Police Department told Fox News. "They [officials] don't know what the next step will be but since he was a ticketed passenger in Pittsburgh, in that jurisdiction he has not violated and laws," Mullen said.

The TSA said in a statement that the man's airport security credentials have been revoked pending an investigation.

Just a few months ago a North Carolina teenager died when he stowed away in the landing gear of a plane. Last year, one lucky stowaway survived a 90-minute flight from Vienna to London, also hiding in an airplane's wheel well.

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