How to Triple Your Chances of Getting a Job

By Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D., co-author of "Put Your Mindset to Work"

As a job seeker or someone trying to flourish at work, ever wonder, out of the hundreds of "expert" tips, which ones are actually proven to work? Here's what 98 percent of top employers worldwide say and groundbreaking research studies prove makes all the difference.

Mindset trumps skill set.

Give employers what they want. When forced to choose, "Who would hire, A) the person with the perfect skills and qualifications, but lacking the desired mindset, or B) the person with the desired mindset, but lacking the right skills, 98 percent picked mindset over skill set.

Mindset means money.

When forced to choose, 91 percent of employers say they will grant a pay raise, as well as a promotion, to the person with the right mindset over the person with the right skill set. And, an independent study shows, those who score the strongest on mindset make the most money.

Use a winning mindset.

Mindset is not about attitude. It's deeper. It's the lens through which you see and navigate life. It therefore affects all that you think, believe, say and do. Breakthrough research reveals that there are 72 qualities that make up a winning mindset, or "3G Mindset."

Global mindset -- think big picture!

It's not about multicultural sensitivity (which can't hurt). It's about time and distance. It's about pulling your head out of the weeds and tapping the horizon. Global is your vantage point, or how well you lift your eyes beyond the immediate here and now, employ curiosity and openness to reach out, connect with and draw from a broad array of ideas and people to arrive at superior solutions.

Good mindset -- good guys finish first!

Turns out integrity and kindness -- doing what's right and being good to others -- pays off, big time. Good is the bedrock of a winning mindset. When the news is packed with mounting immorality and ethical implosions, employees with a good mindset are gold.

Grit mindset -- take on the tough stuff!

This is the fuel cell of a winning mindset. It powers all the rest. See, it's all about adversity. Employers want people who flourish even in the worst weather. Good news is, in most jobs, there's plenty of it. Your capacity to not merely survive or cope, but grow with and harness the tough stuff really sets you apart. Grit fuels pay, promotion, retention, performance, engagement, energy and more.

Tap the top hits -- mindset matters more.

Open, curious, big-picture, connecting, considerate, agile, adaptable, resilient, growing, focused, tenacious, moral, honest, trustworthy, authentic, kind, compassionate, generous, other-minded, contributing, tenacious, improving, fair, courageous, creative and determined is a short list of winning mindset qualities. Embed them in all you say, think and do.

The 3X factor -- give your resume the mindset boost.

Which resumes win and which ones lose? Mindset gives you the edge. An independent study of 30,000 resumes shows A) the conventional wisdom (standard tips) do nothing. In some cases they backfire! But, the "Mindset-in-action" formula does.


Here's how it works:

Mindset quality > put into action > to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Example (tenacity): Pioneered, piloted and proved a new customer response system and cut complaints by 87 percent.
  • Example (generosity): Volunteered to mentor new hires before and after work hours and cut first 90-day turnover by 72 percent.

Here's the breakthrough finding: Resumes with one "Mindset-in-action" statement are three times (3X) more likely to win the job. Those with two or more are 7X more likely to get the offer! The proof is in. Mindset helps you stand out from crowd, get paid more, be promoted sooner, be retained when others are cut and win the best jobs, even over people with better qualifications. Remember: skills matter, mindset rules!

Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D., co-author of "Put Your Mindset to Work" (Portfolio, May 2011), is considered one of the world's leading experts and pioneering researchers on the winning mindset. He is founder and CEO of PEAK Learning, Inc, works with the top companies in the world, and is bestselling author of three books in 15 languages.

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