Police Officer Gets Silly: Bending the Rules and Ruling the Bends

The Isle of Man is a peculiar part of the United Kingdom. While the U.K. is responsible for the generalities of governance, the island has its' own government and parliament for the day-to-day.

What does this mean for the local Isle of Man police force? Much of the island has no speed limits, with great roads for automotive enthusiasts. Well, the island has chosen to embrace their geography and plays host for a yearly Tourist Trophy race, which is an annual motorcycle race that was first held in 1907.

The race follows a "time trial" format, in which each motorcycle racer tries to set an individual record for the lowest time around the mountain's start-to-finish road course. As seen in this video, local police are primarily tasked with keeping the crowd of spectators involved and in-line, while lining up a few bikes at a time to start their time trial.

Compared to the police ideals in the United States, where speeding is a primary concern, this officer demonstrates that even authority figures can cut loose from time to time.

Take a short tour of the Isle of Man with Jeremy Clarkson, the host of Britain's popular television show, Top Gear.

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