FrontierVille Plannin' the Big Day Goals: Everything you need to know


Upon completing the Love is in the Air goal series in FrontierVille, you will have been left with Fanny and Hank happily engaged and waiting to plan their big wedding. Well, tonight, the wedding comes one step closure to completion, as you're able to start actually planning for the big day by helping Fanny craft a wedding dress worthy of such an event.

There are four goals to complete while creating the dress, and the dress itself is a fairly complicated crafting project, requiring you to gather items from friends and even construct a separate dressform. To start, let's take a look at the four goals you'll need to finish:

Goal 1: The Dress

Collect one Daily Bonus from the Wedding Wagon
Purchase the Dressform from the Wedding Wagon
Have or Collect Two Thread Spools

In order to complete this goal, you'll first need to wait for Fanny to ask for your help, which should happen automatically the next time you login to the game. You'll then be able to click on the Wedding Wagon and enter the Wedding Store, where you can purchase the Dressform for 950 coins. This Dressform has two parts: one lets you craft the different pieces of the dress, while the other lets you simply sew the dress together to completion. This latter section is like the construction of a building, in that you'll need to collect new building materials from friends to complete it. We have a complete guide to completing the Dressform, along with putting together the final Wedding Dress, so make sure to check that out if you get stuck.

Meanwhile, the Thread Spools are part of the Cotton Collection, so you may already have them. Completing this first goal gives you 750 XP and one Embroidery, a special item used in crafting Fanny's Dress (we'll come back to it a bit later).

Goal 2: Decoratin'

Harvest 30 White roses
Purchase 5 Decorations from the Wedding Wagon
Collect 10 Silver Bells

You'll need to ask your friends for the Silver Bells, along with asking them to send you "Wedding Gifts" via general wall posts. These Wedding Gifts work as the Wedding Store's currency. For finishing this second goal, you'll receive 750 XP, one silk and one tulle. Again, these items go to creating the Wedding Dress itself.

Goal 3: Bridesmaids' Dresses

Customize the Wedding Dress
Collect 15 Enormous Bows
Craft Two Lacings

Enormous Bows are earned by asking your friends, while Lacings are created Sequins and Ribbon inside the Sewing Basket, found inside the Dressform. Again, for a complete look at what the Dressform does and how to use it, check out our guide. Finishing this goal gives you 750 XP, and one Oak Tree.

Goal 4: Finishing Touches

Collect 2 Daily Bonuses from the Chapel
Fulfill 5 Neighbor Wishlist Requests
Collect 10 Invitations

This particular goal isn't as difficult as it is time consuming. I'd suggest scrolling to the end of your friends' list to find those friends that may be asking for cloth, ribbon or other readily available items, rather than those that are brand new and therefore rare. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive 750 XP and a pair of Cuddling Love Birds to decorate your land.

All told, these are definitely some of the most complex goals we've seen released in the game to date, but with a little patience, perseverance and a lot of help from friends, I'm sure you'll have these two lovebirds walking down the virtual aisle in no time!

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What do you think of these Wedding Dress goals? Do you think this wedding event is too difficult to plan, or that the rewards aren't great enough? Have you been waiting for a challenge such as this? Let us know in the comments.