FarmVille: Changes coming to Craftshop recipes; crafting now easier for all


While being able to craft fuel tanks, building materials and even decorations in FarmVille's Craftshops is a novel (and even appreciated) ability, there are few farmers that would argue against the fact that these recipes simply cost too many bushels to create. Apparently, Zynga has been listening to our cries, as they have announced a set of changes that will be coming to the system in the near future.

Over on the game's forums, FarmVille Community Manager Grimwell has posted that following:

Bricks, Boards, Nails, Lucky Penny, Postcard

  • Will now require a total of 3 bushels.

  • The time to craft these items will be reduced to six hours.

Baby Bottles, Love Potions

  • Bushel requirements for both items will mirror the cost that was required to make Love Potions in the Pub.

  • Bottle crafting time will be reduced to six hours.

  • Love Potions crafting time will be reduced to twelve hours.

Fuel Tanks

  • The time to craft Fuel Tanks will be reduced to six hours.

Pine Fence 1 & 2

  • Bushel requirements for both fences will be reduced to twelve bushels total.

  • Crafting time for the fences will be reduced to twelve hours.

Modern Table

  • Bushel requirements for this decoration will be reduced to twenty bushels total.

As you can see, these changes may have not completely eliminated the issues here (as the Modern Table, for instance, still requires 20 bushels), but one particular change will definitely have many users excited, as we now won't have to wait as long, or spend as many bushels to craft Pine Fencing, required for one of the second round of Craftshop Goals. It will be interesting to see if these changes are enough to pacify users, or if they only make the remaining problems worse. You can be sure we'll let you know either way.

What do you think of these Craftshop changes? Should Zynga lessen the amount of bushels required for recipes even more? Should crafting recipes be instant? Let us know in the comments.