FarmVille Birthday Mystery Crate: Gnomes available for one day only

Don't say I didn't warn you. If you didn't have a chance to pick up the pony-tasticFarmVille Mystery Animal Crate, I'm sorry to inform you that your opportunity is now gone. But don't fret, dear farmer! Another Mystery Crate has been released in the store for one-day only, with this one giving you a chance to add to (or even start) a Gnome collection on your farm.

First, let's just take a look at how cute this box is! It's a Birthday Party Hat, and I'd almost feel bad opening it after purchasing it (almost). It costs just 12 Farm Cash, which is 3-4 Farm Cash cheaper than the normal price for a single Gnome, but we can only expect that's because of the mystery. Here's what you'll have a chance of finding inside:

Bride Gnome
Chrome Gnome
Cowgirl Gnome
Elf Girl Gnome
Platinum Gnome
Vampire Gnome

Personally, I think the Halloween-themed Vampire Gnome is the cutest of the bunch, but I'm a bit afraid of splurging here, since there's always a possibility for duplicates. Do I dare risk it? If you're going through the same conundrum, you've only got 23 hours to figure it out, as this crate will expire, only to be replaced by another tomorrow evening.

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Will you take a chance with this Gnome-filled Mystery Crate? Which Gnome are you hoping to receive? Which one did you actually get? Let us know in the comments.
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