Big Business Not Dropping Health Insurance -- but Change Is Inevitable

Health InsuranceEven though the nation's biggest employers are not rushing to hire back the millions of employees they've laid off in the past few years, at least most are not planning to cut back on health care benefits for current employees, no matter what happens in regard to national health care policies.

A recent report from The Benfield Group, which involved a survey of so-called U.S. "jumbo" employers (those with 5000+ employees), has concluded that the vast majority will continue to offer comprehensive health insurance benefits to their employees. Only 7 percent of those surveyed are considering dropping active employee health care coverage in 2015 and beyond.

Only 1 percent of employers surveyed described their approach to providing active employee benefits as "looking for the exits."

"We believe the sky is not falling as news reports might suggest, but it is changing color," the study says.

One of the issues that employers do appear to be worried about is the looming "Cadillac" tax on high cost plans, according to the survey. It makes sense that corporate higher-ups are concerned, since it's the senior executives -- who usually enjoy these plans -- who tend to make the decisions regarding company-wide coverage.

Additionally, many companies that have no immediate intentions of dropping their health care coverage do seem to be considering making changes to their current policies. Many organizations are shopping around for coverage plans that will have less impact on their bottom line, given the current economic climate.

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