Retired City Worker Leaves Estate to Employer

Retired City Worker Talk about employee dedication and satisfaction! Retired city worker David John Dombrowski left all his worldly possessions, including a house, furnishings and cash, to his former employer, the city of Milwaukee's Department of Public Works.

Dombrowski worked mostly in the forestry and sanitation bureaus for 36 years, according to the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. He retired from the DPW in 2002, and died at home on May 30 at age 63.

Dombrowski had no wife or children, and lived at home with his mother until she died in 2005. The exact value of the estate is still being assessed, although an online search reveals that the house is estimated at $78,400, and several thousand dollars in cash were found there, along with his last will and testament.

Police initiated a search for Dombrowski after a neighbor reported that he hadn't been seen for a few days. He was found dead in a bathtub, with the water still running and flooding the floors and basement. The cause of death is still unknown. Those who knew him say that he was a bit of a recluse, keeping pretty much to himself and not initiating much contact with friends or extended family members.

City workers are reported to be pleased, surprised and puzzled by the gesture. "It was a very thoughtful thing to do, a very nice thing to do, and a very unusual thing to do," said City Attorney Grant Langley.

Milwaukee attorney Paul Nowakowski, whom Dombrowski hired to draft the will in 2004, commented, "He didn't really say why, other than the fact that he had a lot of friends in the DPW and enjoyed his time working there. That's pretty much it. He was really kind of a close-lipped individual."

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