PR Princess Lizze Grubman Accused of Not Paying Employees

Lizze Grubman Infamous New York publicist Lizzie Grubman is being accused of running afoul of the law again, this time for failing to pay her employees.

The same woman who, almost 10 years ago, became agitated and used her car to bash into 16 people outside of a Hamptons nightclub, is now being accused by her driver/bodyguard and hairstylist of failure to pay their agreed upon fees.

The former driver, 60-year-old Tomas Gonzalez, told The New York Post that Grubman owes him $400,000 and filed a lawsuit against her in Manhattan federal court on Friday. He had been with her for many years, even before the Hamptons incident.

The hairdresser claims Grubman failed to pay him for numerous personal hair and beauty treatments, and filed a suit against her about three months ago.

Grubman's attorney, John Rosenberg, denies these claims, stating that they were brought about disgruntled former employees, and are "entirely without merit."

Conventional wisdom suggests that it's usually not a good to sue or accuse a publicist unless you have quite a bit of faith in your claims. Publicists are generally known for having many press contacts, and for often working the the media in their favor. After all, that's their job!

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