Pocket God for Facebook Episode 8 pits Pygmy against Pygmy

pocket god episode 8
There can only be one Hi-islander--wait, isn't it Highlander? Not in Pocket God for Facebook, which has just entered Episode VIII: Hi-islanders. Frima Studio has taken Pygmy-pummeling to the next level, introducing the mysterious LARP Rack (you gotta' love Frima's sense of humor), an item holding five different weapons for your fearful subjects to bash each other with. The new content update introduces a new God Challenge against the might Kali, and five new solo quests to complete.
Pgymy Duel

Pocket God LARP IdolFacebook demigods can now outfit their pygmies with clothing inspired by the Pocket God comic book. Though, just hope it doesn't get ruined in the scuffles that are bound to happen between Pygmies, thanks to the LARP Rack. Well, they're more like battles to the death that you can sit back and enjoy. But if you get bored of their deadly squabbles, remember: you're a god. So, just pick a Pygmy up and--just like that--it becomes a piñata for your other armed Pygmies to pound into a pygmy pulp.

The fight against Kali involves ... her rack. But before you fall into the gutter, we're talking weapon racks here--focus! Defeat her in battle to prove that your (weapon) rack rules them all, and you'll win a weapon rack idol for yourself.

Canada-based Frima Studio has introduced characters from the Pocket God comic as well, like Ooga, in addition to some improvements to the game's interface. It's as if Frima breathed new life into the Pygmies ... only for them to pulverize each other. Look, did you really expect a Pocket God update that didn't promote the Pygmies' premature end? We didn't think so.

Have you already begun to pit the Pygmies against one another? What's your favorite way to dispatch of your Pygmies in Pocket God for Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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