Jack of All Tribes on iOS combines prehistorical city-building with resource management


G5 Entertainment has launched their newest offering for iOS: Jack of All Tribes combines elements of city-building and combat with tons of resource management as you find yourself swept back in time to save a land of prehistorical villages from the elements, and from raiders. Playing as Jack, you literally plunge into an adventure after your roller coaster train derails, sending you through a wormhole. From there, you're introduced to Rainbow, a native that can help you understand her people's relationship with nature and the elements.

A shaman has foretold of your arrival - that you will bring peace and prosperity to the land - so (most of) the villagers are eager to follow your direction. Through each level (there are 40 in all), you'll be given a smaller set of tasks, from building cottages and huts to gathering a specific amount of food or wood. As you progress further in the game, you'll even be able to mine for gold, build bridges to reach new areas, and fight off raiders that would steal your supplies for their own use.