FarmVille-maker Zynga 'throws bodies at problems,' acquiree says

Zynga Speed
Zynga Speed

If you've ever wondered how Zynga operates, just ask one of the 14 companies it has gobbled up in the past year. Business Insider did just that--anonymously, of course--and discovered that the creator of FarmVille has a very direct way of handling issues. "They move really fast and they're good at executing, but they just kind of throw bodies at problems," an anonymous executive told Business Insider. "Not thought. [They'll just say], 'This game isn't working? Hire 20 more people.' [It's like,] maybe we should fix the game dynamics?"

Of course, Zynga gamers cry for just that daily on the forums, but this certainly the first time anyone from within the company has reportedly spoken up about it. The executive went on to mention that he doesn't criticize Zynga's strategy (it's obviously effective), but the exec did say that the company isn't afraid to let go. "They're really ruthless with cutting things that don't work," the executive revealed. "If a game doesn't work, they kill it. They'll throw those resources somewhere else. I definitely get that."

The exec even went on to say that Zynga has the phrase "Move at Zynga speed" is all over its walls, implying that the company and its employees hustle to keep ahead of the competition. And, more importantly, it's working. "Zynga is making way more money than anybody, but they're also spending more money than anybody."

Well, we could have figured that considering the millions Zynga has likely spent over the past year on hires and acquisitions alone. While not nearly as racy as previous anonymous statements about the company from the inside, at least one ingredient to Zynga's special sauce has been reportedly revealed: speed ... Zynga Speed.

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