FarmVille: Swiss items return for one day only as Birthday Classics

If you've ever regretted not purchasing a specific animal, decoration or building in FarmVille's Swiss theme that was available way back in July of last year, you've got one more chance to purchase them. As part of FarmVille's second birthday celebration, the team has launched a new series of one-day-only celebrations that will each highlight one particular theme from the game's past. This first day consists of Swiss items, as they've (re)released 21 different items to the store for your shopping pleasure (including a couple of entirely new items). Again, unfortunately these items will only be available for one day, so you'll need to be super quick about buying them before they expire from the store.

There are five new animals, along with a slew of decorations to choose from, so meet us behind the break for a full rundown of these extremely limited items.
Here's a rundown of the 21 items you'll be able to purchase today only:


Bison - 18 Farm Cash
Breton Horse - 22 Farm Cash
Simmental Cow - 14 Farm Cash
Ibex - 16 Farm Cash
Swiss Warmblood (horse) - 26 Farm Cash


Swiss Tower - 34 Farm Cash
Swiss Chalet - 85,000 coins
Swiss Cottage - 32 Farm Cash


Floral Pool - 12 Farm Cash
Floral Sculpture - 40,000 coins
Matterhorn - 100,000 coins
Milk Jug Chart - 12,000 coins
Miss Swiss Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Mr. Swiss Gnome - 18 Farm Cash
Ornate Carriage - 22 Farm Cash
Ornate Fountain - 22 Farm Cash
Swiss Alphorn - 20 Farm Cash
Swiss Alps - 42 Farm Cash
Swiss Gate - 10,000 coins
Swiss Lake - 42 Farm Cash
Swiss Wall (fencing) - 10,000 coins

Even as of this writing, you're down to just a few hours of being able to pick these items up before they once again expire, likely to never be seen from again (let's face it, this re-release itself was a major, unexpected fluke). Don't miss out on your second (or perhaps your first, if you're a new player) chance at these items; there are some lovely options available here, for players of every budget, so make sure to at least glance at them while you still have the chance. Don't forget, even though this event may only last for a single day, check back with us tomorrow as we discover what the next re-released theme will be!

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Will you splurge on any of these items? Have you been saving up your Farm Cash and coins in the hopes that Zynga would do something special for the game's birthday? Have you been pleasantly surprised or disappointed by what you've seen so far? Let us know in the comments.
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