FarmVille Party Egg Mystery Eggs: What's inside?


If you've come purchased a Party Chicken from the FarmVille marketplace, or have just come across a Party Egg Mystery Egg claimed from a friend's wall post, you might be wondering what you can expect to find inside. Well, thanks to FVNation, we know a list of items currently confirmed to be inside. Please note that this list might not be complete, as more items will likely be discovered over time. So far, this is what you can expect to find:

Golden Gnome
Chicken Gnome
20 Fuel Refills
Silkie Chicken
Rainbow Chicken
Old English Hen
Dorking Chicken
Sebright Chicken
Party Chicken

That's right folks - yet again, you don't have to actually purchase the Party Chicken from the store to have a Party Chicken on your farm(s), so long as you're lucky enough to have friends post these eggs for your to claim on their walls (and, of course, be lucky enough to actually open an egg containing one inside). Still, the Party Chicken costs 20 Farm Cash, which would be much better spent on other items, so I'll happily save them this time around in hopes I can get lucky sometime down the road. Will you do the same?

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What do you think of the contents of these Party Eggs? Will you purchase a Party Chicken to give yourself a chance at having more of these eggs, or will you just rely on friends? Let us know in the comments.