FarmVille: English Countryside 28 x 28 land expansion now available for Farm Cash


At the end of May, Zynga launched the ability for FarmVille farmers to expand their second farm in the English Countryside to 26 x 26 for 100 Farm Cash. Now just a few short weeks later, another expansion has been launched, before this past 26 x 26 expansion has even been made available for coins!

The 28 x 28 land expansion is called the English Domain, and its price is even more ridicul-- err, even higher than the last. You'll need to shell out a whopping 140 Farm Cash for this expansion, as there's no other way (currently) to expand to that level for "free." Unless you have a very generous friend that's willing to buy this much Farm Cash for you, you're looking at over $15 for a single expansion, and that's only if you can purchase the required Farm Cash during the current 40% off sale. If you miss that, the price for 140 Farm Cash jumps up to over $26!

That's a downright huge price tag, and I'm personally very interested in seeing how many people actually go through with the cost. Hopefully the number is low, so Zynga will feel better about releasing coin versions of both of these expansions sooner, rather than later. We'll make sure to let you know if and when they do.

Are you going to splurge 140 Farm Cash on this English Domain expansion, or is that simply too high of a price to pay? Sound off in the comments.