FarmVille Birthday Mystery Crate offers miniature ponies for a very limited time


Talk about limited edition - a new Birthday Mystery Animal Crate (celebrating the game's second birthday) has appeared in the FarmVille marketplace, but this Crate can only be purchased for the next four hours! This Crate isn't something to immediately scoff at however, regardless of its high price of 24 Farm Cash. Why? Simple - it gives you a chance to receive one of six miniature ponies that will add a simply adorable touch to your farm, especially if you don't place them in your Horse Stable.

Here's what you can find inside today's box:

Candy Cane Miniature Pony
Miniature Black Stallion
Miniature Pinto
Miniature White Stallion
Nightmare Miniature Pony
Valentine Miniature Pony

I don't know about you, but having any pony on my farm just makes me say "Aww." If you're the same, make sure to shop right now (seriously, the time is ticking people!) so you can add one of these adorable little cuties to your farm before it's too late! Even if you don't manage to snag one of these crates, rumor has it another will be released tomorrow with different contents, so check back with us then to see what's inside.

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Will you purchase a Birthday Mystery Animal Crate before they expire from the store, or have you done so already? Which pony did you receive? Let us know in the comments.