FarmVille Birthday Items: Clown Costume, Birthday Hat, Party Chicken and more


A small afternoon update has launched in FarmVille today, with four new items being released in the current second birthday theme. There's a single animal here, along with a new decoration and two avatar costume items. The animal is the Party Chicken, priced at 20 Farm Cash. Don't let this simple-looking chicken deceive you - you'll be able to receive brand new Party Mystery Eggs when harvesting a Chicken Coop with these inside.

Meanwhile, the newest decoration is the Party Table, which is priced at the bargain price of 50,000 coins. I honestly expected an item that was this complex (in terms of its decorations) to cost Farm Cash, so I'll gladly be proven wrong with this one. If neither of these two items do it for you though, or you just want to spread the birthday party fun to your avatar, you can do so by purchasing the Clown Costume for 5 Farm Cash or the Birthday Hat for 30,000 coins. Keep in mind that the Clown Costume comes with a hat, so you won't technically need to purchase both if you don't want to.