Farmers Insurance soars back to FarmVille, CityVille et al this summer

Farmers Insurance Airship
Farmers Insurance Airship

The zeppelin is back, baby. (But unfortunately not that Zeppelin.) Farmers Insurance has announced that it will soon return to FarmVille this month with the familiar "Win a Ride on the Farmers Airship" promotion. We hope this will ring in the return of the Farmers Airship to the farm and some free wither protection with it. During that time, farmers will be able to "Like" the Farmers Insurance Facebook page again for a chance to ride the real Farmers Airship. But this time, Zynga plans on taking the company ship for a tour around its stable of games.

Soon after the FarmVille promotion returns, Farmers Insurance will find its way into CityVille, Cafe World and Mafia Wars over the next four months, though the company isn't ready just yet to spill all the beans. However, what we do know is big prizes are in store for Zynga gamers, not to mention that Farmers Insurance agents nationwide will jump in on the fun through their own Facebook pages.

"Millions of Farmers Airships were placed on FarmVille farms," Marc Zeitlin, Farmers Insurance VP of e-Business, said in a statement. "FarmVille players were exposed to the Farmers brand billions of times, raising our Facebook fan base by more than 100,000 in the first week of the promotion. It was one of the most successful things we've done from a branding perspective." Now do you see why Farmers and, um, us farmers are such a good fit? It's not just the name!

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