Facebook user growth has slowed, but what about Facebook games?

Facebook Decline
Facebook Decline

Hey, it had to happen at some point, right? Inside Facebook reports that, for the second month in a row, Facebook's growth has slowed down as it nears 700 million users worldwide. However, most of those new users are coming from developing countries that have just gained access to the social network, while countries that have enjoyed sharing every detail of their lives for years now are actually losing users.

For instance, Inside Facebook calculates that the U.S. alone lost some 6 million users in May, while overall growth has decline from 13.9 million new users in April to 11.8 million in May. That's the first time Facebook has lost users in the past year, though other countries have experienced somewhat similar situations, all of which you can check out in detail here. And while it's far too early to pin the nail in the Facebook coffin--this isn't MySpace we're talking about here (zing!)--it is cause for concern.