Angry Birds creators' next game is Wine and Dine; pigs snag a starring role

Angry Birds pigs
Angry Birds pigs

Rovio is working on yet another Angry Birds game, but (thank heaven) it's not all about launching irate birds into wooden forts. TechCrunch reports that, in the midst of the game reaching a milestone of 250 million mobile downloads, the developer will soon release Wine and Dine, a new game that revolves around those pudgy green pigs rather than the wingless birds. Rovio also mentioned that even more games are in the works that feature completely different gameplay within the Angry Birds universe.

Peter Vesterbacka, founder and the company's resident Mighty Eagle, told TechCrunch that Angry Birds Magic is also in development. It's a location-based sub-platform of sorts that will reward players with new bonuses and experiences depending on where they play Angry Birds. It will work with all phones that support Angry Birds, according to Rovio product manager Ramine Darabiha, and Magic will also interact with Angry Birds plush toys that have Near-Field Communication Chips inside them. Can Rovio just revive the Furby franchise with its Angry Birds already?

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