Top Eleven shuts out EA's FIFA Superstars as top Facebook sports game

Top Eleven by Nordeus
Top Eleven by Nordeus

Oh, how the mighty hath fallen. If there is one major success EA has enjoyed on Facebook, it's owning the top sports game on the platform, FIFA Superstars. Unfortunately, that heavyweight title now belongs to Nordeus, the Serbian developer that created Top Eleven. The soccer--ahem, football--game attracts 2.87 million monthly players compared to FIFA's 2.801 million players, according to AppData. A win by an incredibly small margin, but a win nonetheless. (However, the Top Eleven does house nearly 200 thousand more daily players.)

The game tasks players with managing their own football team, just like in FIFA. However, Top Eleven follows teams across 28 day-long seasons and features a heavy focus on finance management including sponsorship deals and new facilities. In an AppData chart provided by Nordeus, it's displayed that Top Eleven has been around for just a day longer than FIFA, though it has recently enjoyed welcoming 79 thousand players weekly. EA, on the other hand, has most recently only reigned in 7 thousand new players a week.