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A Facebook games discovery service is useful in it's own right these days, but when that service exists within Facebook its usefulness surely reaches over 9,000 by some measure somewhere. This is exactly why (minus the terribly nerdy reference) TeePee Games launched a Facebook application today that essentially does what its web service provides: an intuitive way to find new games.

The app uses TeePee's Geronimo, a discovery engine that becomes more effective as you play more games from within the app. For instance, if you tend to play more simulation games like FarmVille over time, TeePee will begin to recommend more games like it and, in theory, games you would be hard-pressed to find otherwise. Not to mention that it, thanks to Facebook, displays the games that your friends have played or are playing and allows you to invite those friends to new games you find.

TeePee Games discovery on Facebook
Using the service is fairly simple. Just create a log-in based on the email address attached to your Facebook account and a new password, and then select the game genres you play the most frequently. Then, the service will begin to recommend games to you that it think you might be interested in based on your initial answers. Finally, clicking on any game will provide more context as to what it's all about, and provides a link to play the game and to save it for later play.

"At TeePee Games we want to make the process of discovering high quality digital games as simple as possible, for as many people as we can," TeePee Games CEO Tony Pearce said in a statement. "Facebook attracts more than 500 million active daily users, with 56 million of those individuals playing games on the platform every day, so developing an application for it was the ideal way for us to expand." In fact, we'd say it was only logical.

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